Monday, July 24, 2006

Long pose and fourth sketch

Here are three more life drawing images that I couldn't load on the last post. (Did I mention that I am not particularly technologically proficient?!) One is a quick 15 minute pose with a detail image also posted. The second is the long pose I spoke about in the previous post. I didn't take time to crop these images either; i.e, nevermind the bar code and sales price on the sheet of paper with my long pose...tee, hee.


Sina bo bina said...

Hi Claude,
I like the last sketch in this series. I'm sure I've not critiqued (or even thought critically about) art as long as you've been away from it.

But in this last piece, there is something comfortable in it for me. With her arm bent up, there seems to be some protection issues/connotation, but the lines from the lower back to the toes are very natural, very real.

Thanks for inviting us, the world at large, into your artful renaissance!

Mindy Bray said...

Hi Claudine!
Funny, I just found these life drawings by clicking on the "figurative" tag at the bottom of your self-portrait! It is always nice to see what you are up to. I've been thinking of going to a life-drawing session here in town, actually, and these are quite nice. You are really, very proficient (believe me, I just spent all day with freshman drawers!) : ).